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Order DHL Shipping Supplies

Both for the general supplies as well as for the pre-printed Waybills apply that DHL Express can not delivered on P.O. box addresses. Please allow an average delivery time of 5 working days when receiving your order.
DHL Express
DHL Express takes great pride in delivering your shipment fast and with great care. By using our packaging you can help ensure that your shipment is delivered securely. DHL helps and provides a wide range of packing and shipping supplies.

You can order packaging and shipping supplies through our Online Supplies Ordering service. Fast and transparent, from order to delivery.

This service is free of charge and is available to DHL customers only.
Please click on the link below to go to Online Supplies Ordering:
DHL Express provides you pre-printed waybills for your express shipments (excluding DHL ECONOMY SELECT and DHL EUROPLUS).

DHL Express applies a surcharge for each shipment consigned with non-electronic, paper based manual house waybills. Electronic shipping incurs no additional charges. Please visit surcharges on for more information.

The maximum order quantity for (manual) pre-printed waybills is 100 pieces. Please contact your DHL contact person if you require more than 100 pieces. Your DHL contact person will investigate together with you which of our online shipping application is best for your shipments. Using an online shipping application provides a number of advantages:
  • Customer ease and transparency
  • Easy and fast printing of labels and a pick-up booking
  • Tracking opportunities on coli level
  • Rate calculation for your specific shipment
  • Direct insight into current products and transit times
With reference to a waybill lay-out, enter the following information:
  • Number of sets (mandatory)
  • DHL Shipper’s account number (mandatory)
  • From (Shipper) section OR
  • To (Receiver) section OR
  • From (Shipper) PLUS To (Receiver) section
Expired waybills
On the waybill there is an expire date mentioned, for example 04/14, so April, 2014.
This means waybills until the month March can be used. After the month March, starting with the month April, it is not allowed to use those waybills. DHL urgently request you kindly to destroy those waybills. When you still going to use these waybills after expire date, this could be led to delay in your shipment.

It’s only possible to order pre-printed waybills, not blanco waybills !
If waybill won’t be filled as described above, your order cannot be processed.

Please fill in the details below and your pre-printed waybills will be sent within 5 working days.
All fields with a * are mandatory.
Shipper (this data will be printed on the waybill)
Receiver (this data will be printed on the waybill)
  • When only the sender fields have been filled in, the filled in waybill forms will be send automatically to the sender’s address.
  • When only the receiver fields have been filled in, the filled in waybill forms will be send automatically to the receiver’s address.
  • When the sender and receiver fields have been filled in, the filled in waybill forms will be send automatically to the sender’s address.

If you would like to learn more about how DHL uses your personal data, please read our Data Protection Statement.